WM-ML300 Conventional Lantern

WM-ML300 Marine Lantern is a newly developed marine latern of high performance.

The lantern consists of 300mm UV stablized polycarbonate Fresnel lens, 6 places flash-changer, halogen lamp and aluminium base up to marine standard.

The maixmum range is up to 12nm (when used with 100W lmap, and t=0.58, T=0.74)

WM-ML300 Marine Lantern can be widely used in fixed beacon and light houses.


Operating Voltage::12V DC
Power output:150W
Lens material:UV stabilized polycarbonate
Base material:Plastic/aluminium up to marine standard (Optional)
Flash rhythm:IALA256
Operating temperature:-25°C~+65°C
Protection level:IP56
Lens Material:Acrylic UV-stabilized
Base Material:6-16mm dia holes on 200mm dia P.C.D
Serial communication interface:RS232/RS485(optional)
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