WM-L150A LED Lantern

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage:12V nominal (9-36Vdc) or 120/240VAC
Flash Rhythm:IALA256 codes (configurable using IR Handheld Programmer)
Range:up to 7.0nm @ T=0.74
Daylight Sensivity:300Lux ± 50 Lux
Environmental Temp:-30°C ~ +70°C
Relative Humidity:100% (Condensing)
Dark Current:<1mA
Electricity/Light Efficiency:>15cd/W
Vertical Divergence:10° (at 50% Peak Intensity)
Horizontal Light Distribution:>85%
Light Colour:Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue
Effective Intensity Settings:Available (User to specify settings)
Reverse Polarity Protection:Incorporated
Lightning Protection:Built-in protection kit
Focal Height (from base):>75mm
Lens Material:UV-stabilised, Acrylic, Top: ASA Plastic
Base Material:Marine-grade, Anodised Aluminium Alloy
Bird Deterent:Integral bird spike
(Optional: Additional Stainless steel bird spikes)
Ingress Protection:IP68 (Fully sealed)
Mounting/Installation: 3 16mm holes on 200mm P.C.D. 4 16mm holes on 195mm P.C.D. Other mounting options like 100mm, 120mm P.C.D. are also available using adaptor plates. To be specified by user.
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