WMYF1.5-D1 Marker Buoy


A lightweight buoy designed for contingency use at sea, WMYF1.5-D1 Marker Buoy is made of GRP materials and filled with high-density polyurethane foam.

The buoy weight is materially brought down by employing an aluminium-magnesium alloy to prop up the buoy body.

Tail of the buoy is lengthened to increase the meta-centric height, which provides a good solution to the problem of rocking.

Buoy Specifications

Material : Glass-Reinforced Plastic
Foam-fill : Polyurethane foam
Air weight : 250kg
Diameter : 1.5m
Focal Plane Height : 1950mm
Draft : 1000mm
Freeboard : 350 mm
Colour : Red,Green,Yellow
Maximum Mooring : 600kg
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